Experiential Education

CCRI students are provided the opportunity to participate in experiential learning outside the classroom. This option includes a supervised work experience related to a student’s academic interests or program of study. The work experience can be for academic credit or as a noncredit internship. If taken for credit, students develop learning objectives to practice and reinforce classroom theory. The work experience gained before graduation helps students confirm career choices, builds credible work experience, provides opportunities to network and gives students a competitive edge in the job market. Students who choose to earn academic credit can receive four to eight credits by completing one to two semesters of Cooperative Work Experience. These seminars are taken in conjunction with a field (work) placement. (see Cooperative Work Experience I (LIBA 1010) and Cooperative Work Experience II (LIBA 1020)).

JAA students are encouraged to talk to their academic advisor about transferability of Cooperative Work Experience credits. Alternately, students can choose to participate in internships without academic credit to build experience in their field. For more information, call Career Services at 401-825-2322.