Chosen First Name

Students may request the use of a chosen name which differs from a legal name change. Students may choose to use a first name that differs from their legal documented name, and/or that matches their gender identity or expression.

A chosen name will appear on class and grade rosters, and if requested on CCRI ID cards** and in the CCRI email** (see information below**). Students are welcome to indicate that they would like their chosen name to appear on their diploma, as indicated on the graduation application. The chosen name will not appear on official transcripts. Official documentation is not required for a change in chosen name.

To request a chosen name, please email from your CCRI email account. To request an update to your username/email, please email from your CCRI email.  Please include your CCRI student ID with all messages. 

**CCRI ID card and email changes should be requested prior to a semester start. Updating the documents mid-term may affect a student’s access to required course material, i.e., Blackboard.