Directory of Administration and Staff

Abatiello, Steven M. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center

Aceituno, Walter O. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Agramonte, Briana L. Lab Assistant, Information Technology

Aiken, Deborah J. Program Manager - Dual Enr, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, MAE, Rhode Island College

Aker, Dwayne B. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Akhter, Afnan Lead Database Support Tech, Information Technology
AS, Centennial College

Alba Vandal, Diane M. Supervisor Central Mail Serv, Physical Plant

Albritton, Kristen B. VP Finance & Strategy, VP for Finance & Strategy
BBA, Georgia Southwestern St Univ;
BBA, BSED, Univ Georgia Athens*;
MBA, Georgia Southern University

Albro, Jo-Ann M. Information Services Tech II, Mathematics
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Alexander, Tanekar Y. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, MA, Univ Mass Lowell;
MA, Rhode Island College

Allen, David M. Assoc Director Finan Aid Oper, Financial Aid
BS, Salem State College;
MBA, Univ Mass Dartmouth

Alvarez, Lemuel Technical Support Spec II, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Alvarez Gondres, Esther Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Alves, Debra M. Senior Staff Assistant, Advising & Counseling
AS, Cmty Coll Rhode Island Knight

Ancona-Richard, Jennifer M. Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BA, Univ Rhode Island;
MA, Rhode Island College

Anderson, Anne M. Chief Accountant, Controller's Office
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Anderson, Timothy W. Applied Music Instructor, Performing Arts
BM, Univ Rhode Island

Andrew, Kenneth EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Anella, Doreen M. Examiner, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Angelino, Antonio Campus Police Officer, College Police

Annunziata, Lori-Ann Technical Staff Assistant, Biology
BS, Rhode Island College

Antonson, Robert Campus Patrol Person, College Police

Aponik, Valda M. DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Aptt, Jeffrey M. Building & Grounds Officer, Physical Plant
BSBA, Bryant University

Aptt, Michael T. IT Support, Information Technology

Araujo, John B. Assoc Director Enrollment Serv, Enrollment Services
BS, MBA, Univ Rhode Island;
MS, John Hancock University

Arce, Cindy L. Senior Records Officer, Enrollment Services
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Archetto, Michael A. Building & Grounds Officer, Physical Plant
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Arias, Digna K. Higher Educ Admin Asst III, Enrollment Services
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Arias, Mary L. Senior Financial Aid Officer, Financial Aid
BSW, Rhode Island College

Arriaran, Tania M. Technical Staff Assistant, Advising & Counseling
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Arrigo, Benson J. Assistant - STEM, Enrollment Services

Arruda, Paula C. Information Services Tech II, Physics and Engineering
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Assalone, Carla J. Program Coordinator ltd, Workforce Partnerships

Avarista, Paul G. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Azar, George J. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Babiana, Andrea Chief Accountant, Controller's Office
BA, Assumption College

Bailey, Sybil F. Director Human Resources, Human Resources
BA, Simmons College

Baker, Daniel R. Lead Information Technologist, Information Technology
BM, Berklee College Music

Baker, Kathleen M. Medical Advisor, Student Affairs/Student Health

Baker, LaToya A. Administrative Assistant, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Baker, Mary K. Executive Assistant, Institutional Advancement

Ballou, Elizabeth J. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BS, St Joseph College Ct;
MS, Centrl Connecticut St Univ

Bamford, Patricia A. Advisor, Advising & Counseling

Bannan, Kathrine M. Assistant Bursar, Bursar's Office
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Bardsley, Peter E. Asst Director Continuous Imprv, VP for Finance & Strategy
BA, Rhode Island College;
MPA, Univ Rhode Island

Baron, Laura E. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Barone, Timothy J. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant
AA, Bristol Cmty College;
BA, Green Mountain College

Bartholomy, Michael W. Lead Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
AS, BS, New England Institute Tech RI

Bartone, Gerald L. Senior Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Barzykowski, Kamila WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy

Basileo, Michael F. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
MA, Univ Rhode Island

Battye, Anna R. Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness
BS, Centrl Connecticut St Univ

Bazinet, Ralph W. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant

Beattie, Bruce L. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Beauchemin, Russell W. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Belakonis, Jacob D. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Belanger, Dennis N. Academic Advisor (JAA), Advising & Counseling
AA, Cmty Coll Rhode Island Knight;
BA, MA.ED, Univ Rhode Island

Belz, Anthony M. Librarian, Library

Benros, Julio C. Campus Police Officer, College Police
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Bento, John C. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
AA, Monterey Peninsula College;
BA, Rhode Island College;
MA, Brown University;
MA, Providence College;
MA, US Naval War College

Benvenuti, Linda J. Coordinator, Advising & Counseling
BA, MA, MS, Univ Rhode Island;
CAGS, Rhode Island College

Bertrand, James R. Technical Support Spec I, Information Technology

Bertrand, Jennifer A. Proctor, Workforce Partnerships

Blessing, Millie A. Director Advising & Counseling, Advising & Counseling
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, MA, CAGS, Rhode Island College

Bluto, Jocelyn M. Technical Staff Assistant, Chemistry
AAS, Community C Rhode Island

Bonanno, Tammy J. Phar Tech Teaching Asst, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Bondarevskis, Jeanne M. Payroll Support, Payroll
BS, Providence College;
MBA, Bryant University

Bonin Kellogg, Nancy A. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Borge, Kenneth D. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Borrelli, Erika C. Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Bouchard, Karen Information Services Tech I, Biology

Boucher, Cynthia Principal Janitor, Physical Plant

Boutin, Kelly P. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Bova, Stephanie M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Braga, Matthew R. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Braun, Lis Asst Registrar, Enrollment Services
BA, Lesley University

Brens, Carely Interim Human Resources Asst, Human Resources

Broccoli, David J. Campus Police Officer, College Police
BA, Rhode Island College;
MS, Roger Williams University

Brown, Keelonda D. Driver's Ed - Proctor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Brown, Tracy R. Interim Director, Human Resources
BA, Tufts University;
JD, Harvard University

Buonocore, Rosemary CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Burger, Joanne B. Bookstore Clerk, Bookstore
AS, Bryant University

Burke, Jennifer L. Assoc Director Financial Aid, Financial Aid
BSM, Mount Ida College

Burke, Lisa M. Academic Coordinator, Simulation Lab
BSN, Coll Mt St Vincent;
MSN, Yale University

Burke, Madeline J. Interim Director Special Proj, VP for Academic Affairs Office
BA, MAT, Ithaca College

Burns, Cheryl A. Public Safety Dispatcher, College Police

Butler, Taylor J. EMT Trainer, Nursing-ADN

Cabral, Mark A. Campus Police Lieutenant, College Police
BS, Bryant University

Cabral, Ronna L. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Cabral, Stephanie M. Business Analyst, VP for Finance & Strategy
BA, Rhode Island College

Cahoon, Christopher A. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Caine, Diane M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Calner, Mary J. Medical Advisor, Student Affairs/Student Health

Campagnone, Keith A. Tutor, Access to Opportunity
BA, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Campagnone, Stephen J. Lab Assistant II, Allied Health/Respiratory Ther

Campo, Mellissa M. Staff Assistant to Director, College Police
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Cancelliri, Scott M. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Capraro, Elizabeth E. Coordinator Academic Affairs, VP for Academic Affairs Office
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Caputi, Maxwell P. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Cardona Ramos, John J. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Carr, Suzanne M. Dean Health & Rehab Sciences, Dean-Health & Rehab Science
BSN, MSN, PHD, Univ Rhode Island

Carrion, Bev Office Manager, Enrollment Services
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Carroll, Justin C. Director Theatre, Performing Arts
AA, Lower Columbia College;
BA, Centrl Washington University

Carroll, Michele A. Simulation Technician, Simulation Lab
BSN, Assumption College

Carroll, Rebecca L. Manager Strategic Mktng & Adv, Marketing & Communications
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Carty, Paul B. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Case, Colleen S. Coordinator CDL/Training Spec, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Cavallaro, Ronald A. General Counsel, President's Office
BA, Boston College;
LLM, JD, Boston University

Cezario, Edi R. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Chachenian, Christopher S. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Chapman, Melissa M. Teaching Assistant, Workforce Partnerships

Chase, Robert M. Electrician Supervisor, Physical Plant

Chea, Eduard T. Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Cherry, Michael D. Lead Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
BS, Worcester Poly Institute;
MBA, Univ Michigan Ann Arbor*

Chille, Robert W. Campus Police Lieutenant, College Police

Chin, Peter Senior Technical Programmer, Information Technology
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Chinchilla, Yamel I. Asst Director Admissions, Admissions
AA, Pima Cmty College;
BSM, Univ Phoenix

Christina, Rob P. Manager Systems Development, Information Technology
AS, Springfield Tech Cmty College

Christman, Pamela J. Director, Information Technology
BA, Colby College;
MPA, Univ Rhode Island

Ciambrone, Dawne A. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Cimorelli, Maria R. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Cipolla, Robert D. Dean of Student Dev/Assessment, Advising & Counseling
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Bryant University;
MA, Rhode Island College

Civil, Jean O. Information Aide, Advising & Counseling
MED, Rhode Island College

Collins, Sean T. Director, College Police
MS, Roger Williams University

Colvin, Ronald K. Campus Police Officer, College Police
BS, Providence College

Colwell, Virginia M. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Combe, MaryAdele Manager User Serv, Inst Supp, Information Technology
BA, MA, Smith College

Connell, Lynda Grants Officer, Institutional Advancement
BSBA, Bryant University

Conopask, Peter D. Senior Business Advisor, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Considine Fontes, Lisa M. Director Purchasing, Purchasing
AA, Cmty Coll Rhode Island Knight;
BA, Providence College

Correia, Manuel Manager, Information Technology
AA, Bristol Cmty College

Cosmo, Dennis Vet Advisor, Enrollment Services

Costa, Donna M. Staff Assistant II, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Costigan, Rosemary A. VP Academic Affairs, VP for Academic Affairs Office
ASN, Community C Rhode Island;
BSN, Rhode Island College;
MSN, PHD, Univ Rhode Island

Cote, Gabriel K. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Cournoyer, Andrea L. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Cox, Lekecia D. Academic Advisor, Advising & Counseling
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Cragan, Casey E. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Crichton, Jesse Coordinator/Counselor, Access to Opportunity
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Crump, Frank EB Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Cruz, Gladys Billing Specialist, Controller's Office

Cruz, Stephanie M. Director TRIO EOC & SSS Prog, EOC
BS, MPA, Univ Rhode Island

Culbertson, Gary R. Coordinator Driver Retraining, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed
BA, Univ Northrn Iowa

Cunha, Anabel F. Executive Assistant, VP for Finance & Strategy
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Cunningham, Michael J. Dean of Students, Dean of Students Office
BA, Roger Williams University;
MA, Salve Regina University

Curtin, Stephanie Staff Assistant II, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Curtis, Neil R. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BS, Suny Coll Brockport;
MA, SIT Graduate School

Dacosta, Margarita Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Daley, Michael J. Senior Technical Programmer, Information Technology
BA, BS, Rhode Island College

Daly, Robert J. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Daly, Theresa M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Dao, John T. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Davenport, Lori A. Assistant Bursar, Bursar's Office
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Davis, Douglas B. Teacher Assistant, Workforce Partnerships

Dawson, Gabrielle V. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

De La Cruz, Mileiry A. Interim Donor Engagement Ofcr, Institutional Advancement
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Rhode Island College

De Leon, Martha R. Admin Support - ECE, Human Services

Dean, Ross F. Technical Staff Assistant, English
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Univ Rhode Island

DeAngelis, Joseph A. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Deascentis, Hugo J. Teacher Assistant, Workforce Partnerships

DeFusco, William Tutor, Access to Opportunity

DellaGrotta, DonnaLee Senior Information Tech, Information Technology
AS, Community C Rhode Island

DeMarco, Samia WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Derosier, Edward R. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center

Devolve, Katherine R. Senior Enrollment Services Rep, Enrollment Services
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Dexter, Kristine EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Di Chiaro, Robert Plumbing Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Di Pippo, Renee A. Technical Staff Assistant, Physics and Engineering
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Dias, Kevin V. Information Services Tech II, Dean-Health & Rehab Science
BA, Brown University

Diaz Villafane, Vicente Examiner CDL/School Bus, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed
AA, Roger Williams University

Dickervitz, Stanley A. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Dillingham, Ruth WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

DiSaia, Denise J. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Dolce, Adam O. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Donahue, April M. Coordinator/Counselor, Access to Opportunity
BA, Univ New Mexico Albuquerque;
MA, Rhode Island College

Donilon, Donna M. Executive Director, Dean-Health & Rehab Science
BSN, MSN, Boston College;
PHD, Univ Rhode Island

Donnelly, Robin M. Coordinator, Human Resources
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Donofrio, David WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Donovan, Martha S. Coordinator, Human Services
BS, Univ Rhode Island;
MED, Rhode Island College

Dougherty, John Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Dow, Diana WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Doyle, Jessica R. DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Doyle, Maura J. Academic Coach, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach

Ducharme, Helen M. Coordinator, Disability Services
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Ducharme, Walter R. Asst Bldg & Grounds Officer, Physical Plant

Duhamel, Dean J. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Dumas, Lisa M. Accommodations Asst - DSS, Disability Services

Dunklee, Brady D. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Dupuis, Ernest F. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Durfee, Patricia Admin Support - ECE, Human Services

Dwares, Neal H. Senior Janitor, Physical Plant

Echavarria, Dilcia A. Assistant Coordinator EOC, EOC
BA, Rhode Island College

Echavarria, Vilma Lab Assistant II, Allied Health

Edgar, Kimberley T. Tutor, Student Success Center

Edmonds, Lori D. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Egan, Michael T. Plumber Supervisor, Physical Plant

Egerton, Christine A. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Elias, Michael Manager Human Resources, Human Resources
BA, Suny Center Albany

Enos, Patrick A. Vet Advisor, Enrollment Services

Enright, Sara S. VP St Aff/Chief Outcomes Ofcr, VP for Student Affairs Office
BA, Dartmouth College;
MBA, Harvard University

Enriquez, Marco A. Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Languages

Erinakes, Gail A. Senior Financial Aid Officer, Financial Aid

Erkeskin, Suzan Senior Staff Assistant, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB

Fagnant, Karen A. Billing Specialist, Accounts Payable

Fallon, Pauline R. Accommodations Asst - DSS, Disability Services
BS, BS, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Fanning, Daniel T. Campus Police Officer, College Police
AS, Roger Williams University;
BA, Rhode Island College

Fargnoli, Bonnie M. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services

Farnum, Carolyn C. WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Farrar, Jacqueline A. Examiner, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Farrell, Michelle L. Records Analyst, Enrollment Services
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Southern NH University

Fattore, Mimi N. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, Providence College;
MA, MAT, Rhode Island College

Fayanjuola, Akintola O. Admissions Officer, Admissions
BSBA, Univ Rhode Island

Feather, Thomas P. Asst Administrator Bookstore, Bookstore
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Rhode Island College

Ferguson, Linda J. Higher Educ Pay Preaudit Clerk, Payroll

Ferland, William R. Director Operations (IS), Information Technology
BA, MBA, Univ Rhode Island

Fermin, Justina A. Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Ferragamo, Bert P. Plumbing Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Ferrara, Glenn A. Bookstore Manager, Bookstore
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Ferrato, Paula Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BA, Washington And Jefferson Coll;
MBA, Notre Dame University

Ferris, Monica E. Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BGS, Northern Arizona University;
MA, Univ Saint Thomas Mn

Finegan, John E. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Fino, Cody J. Director Industry Partnerships, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Providence College

Fiocco, Bianca Program Coordinator - DSS, Disability Services

Fischbach, David R. Communications Design Spec, Marketing & Communications
BA, Univ Mass Boston

Fish, David F. Technical Support Spec II, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Fleitas, Erica L. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
BS, Southrn Connecticut State Univ;
MS, Nova Southeastern Univ

Fleming, Thomas M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Fletcher, Aubrey L. Senior Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Flowers, Stacy A. Coordinator Student Support, Workforce Partnerships

Fogarty, Patrick Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Folcarelli, Mason C. Director Industry Partnerships, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BSBA, Univ Rhode Island

Forant, Pamela C. Asst Director Financial Aid, Financial Aid
BS, Wheelock College

Ford, Joan A. Program Director, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
AS, Mass Bay Cmty College;
BA, Univ Mass Amherst*;
EDM, Eastern Nazarene College

Forti, Lauren A. Information Services Tech I, Nursing-ADN

Fournier, Kristen A. Program Director, Dean-Health & Rehab Science
BA, BSBA, MBA, Univ Rhode Island

Frazier, Arthur G. Librarian, Library

Fullen, Kenya L. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Gagner, Matthew L. Higher Educ Pay Preaudit Clerk, Payroll

Gagnon, Kerri-Ann Technical Staff Assistant, English

Galliano, Joanne Program Director, Student Success Center
BA, Rhode Island College;
MA, Univ Rhode Island

Gamache, Kyle N. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, CAGS, Rhode Island College;
MA, Roger Williams University

Gansert, Joyce L. Academic Coach/Counselor, Student Success Center

Garcia, Kathleen M. Technical Staff Assistant, Chemistry
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Gardner, Peter C. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Garrow-Pruitt, Denise Asst Dean Allied Health, Dean-Health & Rehab Science
MA, Everest Institute;
MED, Cambridge College;
EDD, Nova Southeastern Univ

Gates, Kent Budget Specialist II, Business Office
ASB, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Rhode Island College;
MBA, Univ Rhode Island

Gemma, Paul V. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Gendron, Michael G. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Geraldo, Maya R. Coordinator, VP for Academic Affairs Office
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Giguere, Kerrie L. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BS, Univ Phoenix

Gilman, Jane A. Technical Staff Assistant, Advising & Counseling
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Giordano, Elizabeth R. Program Mgr Ltd, Workforce Partnerships

Giovino, Rob A. Assoc Director Admissions, Admissions
BA, Providence College

Gojcz, Eric J. Lead Database Support Tech, Information Technology
BSBA, Univ Rhode Island

Gomez, Lisa Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Gomez, Yohanna Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Rhode Island College

Gondola, Bobby G. Assoc VP Inst Adv/College Rel, Institutional Advancement
BA, Salve Regina University

Gonzalez, Melissa Interim Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
BS, Rhode Island College

Gonzalez, Michel K. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office

Gordon, Philip S. Interim Director, Institutional Effectiveness
BA, Tufts University;
MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

Gorman, Lauren A. Information Services Tech I, Bookstore
BA, Assumption College

Gough, Michael E. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Gould, Kenneth M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Grace, Manuel E. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Grace, Raekwon M. Coordinator/Counselor, Access to Opportunity
BA, MA, Brown University

Gradilone, Edward A. Site Supervisor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Granados, Olga N. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy

Grande, Gene A. Senior Information Tech, Information Technology
BA, MAE, Rhode Island College

Green, Marisa G. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Greene, Samantha L. Coordinator Information Tech, Information Technology
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Gregory, Donald L. WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Grigsby, Harrison M. Assistant Coordinator Ltd EOC, EOC
BA, Rhode Island College

Grundy, Suzanne M. Tech Support, Student Success Center

Guarino, James E. Site Supervisor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Gudeczauskas, Lynn P. Technical Support Manager, Information Technology
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Guerzon, Evelyn T. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
AS, Johnson & Wales University

Guidry, Horace D. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant

Guite, Joanna M. Assistant Coordinator, Workforce Partnerships
BS, Rhode Island College

Guzman, Gidget A. WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Hall, Gary S. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Hall, Mirien Interim Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
EDM, Providence College

Hamilton, Marquez EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Hammond, Lara CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Hampson, Sonya B. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Hanauer, Rachel L. Applied Music Instructor, Performing Arts
BM, Univ Mass Amherst*;
MM, Roosevelt University

Handley, Allyson H. Interim Dean of AHSS, Dean-Arts/Humanities/Soc Sci
BA, Western Unv. (Canada);
MED, EDD, Johns Hopkins Univ*

Hart, George K. Dean Library and Acad Innov, Library
BA, Univ Mass Boston;
MBA, Babson College;
MLS, Rutgers U Rutgers College*

Hartley, Alexandria L. Director Industry Partnerships, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BA, Brown University;
MS, Syracuse University

Haskins, James M. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Hatzberger, Mary Ann Technical Staff Assistant, Busn & Professional Studies
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Hebert, Jeffrey N. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Henry, John O. Campus Police Officer, College Police
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Roger Williams University

Hidalgo, Catherine I. Interim Coordinator/Counselor, ETS

Hinsey, James S. Paraprofessional, Nursing-ADN
BS, Rensselaer Poly Institute

Hitte Robinson, Allison M. Interim Program Director, Disability Services
BS, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Hogan, Ericka D. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services
AS, Cmty Coll Rhode Island Knight

Hogan, Jacqueline Executive Assistant, President's Office
AA, AS, Community C Rhode Island

Hogan, Shaune J. Associate Director, VP for Finance & Strategy
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Holmes, Deborah L. Higher Educ Admin Asst III, Enrollment Services

Holtzman, Juliette DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Hook, Susan D. Information Aide, Dental Health/Hygiene
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Hopkins, Joseph F. Captain, College Police
BA, Stonehill College

Hopkins, Kathleen M. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Horne, Rebecca WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Horodysky, Nathan S. Assistant Bursar, Bursar's Office
BA, Ringling School Art Design

Horstmann, Sara M. Information Technologist, Information Technology
BA, Rhode Island College

Hubbs, Judith I. Supervising PreAudit Clerk, Controller's Office

Hughes, Meghan L. President, President's Office
BA, Yale University;
PHD, NY University, Institute FA

Hung, Sunny Eligibility Technician, Financial Aid
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Huntley, Carla CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Huyler, Jeff E. Building Systems Technician, Physical Plant

Hynes, Michael P. Senior Admissions Officer, Admissions
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Iannacci, Elsa R. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office

Iannuccilli, Kevin J. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Iasimone, Michele M. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office

Ide, Madalyn K. Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Ihsan, Rakhshan WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
MS, Jamia Hamdard;
PHD, BITS Pilani

Imondi, Deborah A. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Ingebretsen, Erin IT Support, Information Technology

Isherwood, James T. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Islam, Afia A. Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
BS, Rhode Island College

Jackson, Kyle J. Lead Information Technologist, Information Technology
BA, Quinnipiac University

Jackson, William DOC Transition Support, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BA, Univ Connecticut;
MS, Univ Southern Maine

Jarosz, Rachel H. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Jenkins, Christine B. Assoc Dean Student Life, Dean of Students Office
BS, MAE, Rhode Island College

Jimenez, Jiselle Phar Tech Teaching Asst, Workforce Partnerships

Johnson, Mackenzie M. Program Director, Dean-Health & Rehab Science
BSN, Univ Rhode Island;
MSN, Western Governors University

Jolicoeur, Tayina Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Jones, Tiffany D. Information Services Tech I, Bookstore

Joseph, Gloria V. Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
BS, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Josephson, Heidi A. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, Lehigh University;
MBA, NHH Norwegian Sch of Econ;
MED, Springfield College Ma

Joslyn, Jennifer K. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Joyce, Alison Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Joyce, Dennis E. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Kacerik, Amy E. Dean of Enrollment Management, Enrollment Services
BS, Bentley College;
MS, Eastern Connecticut St Univ

Karasek, Raymond N. Director Aux Serv Business, Bookstore
BSBA, MBA, Christian Brothers University;
EDD, Univ Memphis

Karasinski, Tracy L. Dean Office Oppor & Outreach, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach
AA, Grand Rapids Cmty College;
BS, Western Michigan University;
MSW, Westrn Michigan University

Kearney, Ashton L. Interim Program Coordinator, Disability Services

Keefe, Elizabeth A. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Keenan, Mark B. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Kelley, Gail Information Services Tech I, Library
BA, MA.ED, Univ Rhode Island

Kelly, Jennifer L. Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BSED, MED, Ohio Univ Athens

Kempe, Amy P. Director Marketing & Comm, Marketing & Communications
BA, Suny Center Albany;
MA, Univ Rhode Island

Kennedy, Leslie A. Technical Support Spec II, Information Technology
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Kenniston, Anne Tutor, Student Success Center

Kim, Sook J. Chief Accountant, Controller's Office
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BSBA, Bryant University;
MBA, Johnson & Wales University

Kimes, Michael R. Motor Equipment Operator, Physical Plant

King, Jane E. Coordinator Student Support, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BGS, Rhode Island College

King, Joanne M. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services

Kless, Teresa M. P-Tech Staff, Admissions
BA, Providence College;
MA, Rhode Island College

Klinkman, Paul M. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Koropey, Caren S. Information Services Tech II, Allied Health/Med Lab Tech

Kosiba, Brittany M. Coordinator, Human Resources
BS, Worcester St University

Koussa, John J. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Krolicki, William WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BA, Middlebury College;
MBA, Univ Pennsylvania

Kruth, Kevin M. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Kyriakakis, Kerri L. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

L'Heureux, Paul R. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

LaFreniere, Jeffrey B. Senior Janitor, Physical Plant

Laguerre, Rhode G. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Lamanna, Linda A. Asst Administrative Officer, Advising & Counseling
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, MAE, Rhode Island College;
EDD, Nova Southeastern Univ

Lambert, Jessica E. Staff Assistant II, Access to Opportunity
BS, Rhode Island College

Lamboy, Kirk DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Lamphere, Gilbert W. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Languirand, Leanne M. Phar Tech Teaching Asst, Workforce Partnerships

LaPointe, Gregory W. Assoc VP Impact & Insti Effect, VP for Student Affairs Office
BS, MBA, Marist College;
MA, Univ Connecticut

Lapre, Dawn L. Technical Staff Assistant, Mathematics
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Latinez, Alejandro E. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BA, Catholic University of Peru;
MA, PHD, Vanderbilt University

Lavoie, Deborah A. Accountant, Controller's Office
AS, New England Institute Tech RI

Lecuivre, Chelsea M. Technical Staff Assistant, Biology
BS, Rhode Island College

Lehninger, Peter EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

LeMay, Jr., Brian E. EB Teacher Assistant, Workforce Partnerships

Leonard, Jessica A. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Leone, Stephen J. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

LePage, David M. Asst Director Career Placement, Wrkfc Part/Career Services
BA, Rhode Island College;
MS, Northestrn University

Lepkowski, Martin DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Lesiuk, Christopher T. Equipment Repair, Workforce Partnerships

Levinson, Kristy M. Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BA, Worcester St University;
MED, Grand Canyon University

Lewis, Diane E. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services
AA, New Mexico St Univ Univ Park*

Lewis, Patricia L. Higher Educ Fin Preaudit Clerk, Purchasing

Lewis, Scott J. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Libutti, Mark A. Manager College Projects, Physical Plant
BS, Merrimack College

Lighty-Fiorito, Carlene L. Academic Coach/Counselor, Student Success Center
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Lind, Andrew S. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant

Livingston, Joshua EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Lockwood, Franklin Primary Instructor EB, Workforce Partnerships

Loize, Sylvain J. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
AA, Columbia Greene Cmty College;
BA, Northestrn University;
MA, Lesley University

Lonergan, Richard M. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Longiaru, John Accommodations Asst - DSS, Disability Services

Lourenco Sousa, Michelle L. Accountant, Accounts Payable
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Bryant University

Luchka, Amy L. Senior Enrollment Services Rep, Enrollment Services

Luchka, Kaylee A. Enrollment Serv Representative, Financial Aid
AA, Cmty Coll Rhode Island Knight

Luciano, Kaisha Clerical - RIDE, Workforce Partnerships

Lukowicz, Karin E. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Lurie, Gregory Consultant, VP for Finance & Strategy

Lussier, Michelle E. Coordinator, Disability Services
BS, Rhode Island College;
MS, Capella University

Mabray, Anthony D. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, MA, Rhodes College;
MA, Rhode Island College

Macedo, Melissa P. Program Coordinator, Access to Opportunity
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Machardy, Marykate DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Mackin, John J. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Maine, Charles W. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Maldonado, Lonnie S. Technical Staff Assistant, Dental Health/Hygiene
BA, Univ Mass Lowell;
MA.ED, Univ Rhode Island

Mallozzi, Lisa A. Director Advising & Counseling, Advising & Counseling
BA, MA, Rhode Island College

Mance-Rios, Gail E. Assoc Director, EOC
BA, Ithaca College

Mancone, Katie Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Mane, Jacqueline J. Assoc Director, Access to Opportunity
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, MA, Univ Rhode Island

Mangum, Carlos Assistant Coordinator - ETS, ETS

Marrocco, Gregory J. Technical Support Spec II, Physics and Engineering
AA, AS, Community C Rhode Island

Marshall, Angela M. Registered Nurse, Student Affairs/Student Health
BSN, Rhode Island College

Martinez Espinel, Laura M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Martone, Marie V. Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BA, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Marzilli, Carol Information Services Tech I, English
AA, AS, Community C Rhode Island

Masterson, Daniel P. Manager Technical Support, Information Technology
BS, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Masterson, Doreen L. Site Supervisor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Mathews, Nadya A. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BA, MA, Rhode Island College;
BA, MA, Ulyanovsk State University

McAdams, Hailey S. Lab Assistant II, Allied Health/Med Lab Tech

McAfee, Michael P. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

McCabe, Elizabeth A. Lab Monitor, Information Technology

McCabe, Kenneth F. Director, Physical Plant
BS, Bridgewater State College

McCabe, Mary E. Medical Advisor, Dental Health/Dental Assist
BA, MA, Assumption College;
MBA, Univ Rhode Island;
DDS, Georgetown University

McCalla, Danielle M. Career Placement Officer, Wrkfc Part/Career Services
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BSBA, Univ Rhode Island

McCarthy, James E. Storekeeper, Physical Plant

McCaughey, Michele A. Tutor, Student Success Center

McClay, Tiffany L. Assistant Administrator, Bookstore
BA, MA.ED, Univ Rhode Island

McClintock, Cynthia G. Senior Word Processing Typist, Perf Arts & Foreign Languages

McColl, Jeanne S. Asst Dean Nursing, VP for Academic Affairs Office
BS, Rhode Island College;
MS, Univ Rhode Island

McCourt, Courtney A. Accommodations Asst - DSS, Disability Services

McCutcheon, Jamie L. Student Life Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

McDonald, Kelly A. Central Mailroom Clerk, Physical Plant

McDuff, Robin J. Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
AS, Community C Rhode Island

McElwee, Michael T. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

McGeoch, Beatrice A. Director Adult Education, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
BA, Brown University

McGhee, Ida D. Librarian, Library
BS, Southrn Connecticut State Univ;
MLS, Clark Atlanta University

McIntyre, Mish M. Instructional Designer, VP for Academic Affairs Office
AS, Massasoit Cmty College;
BA, Franklin Pierce College;
MED, Suffolk University;
MFA, Mass College Art

McKeating, Scott R. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

McKenzie, Tinecka K. Senior Enrollment Services Rep, Financial Aid
BA, Univ Rhode Island

McLaughlin, Diane N. Technical Staff Assistant, Art

McLaughlin, John F. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant

McLeroy, James O. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

McMahon, Annmarie Asst Business Manager, Business Office
BA, Fairfield University;
MA, Brown University

McNally, Michael A. Technical Support Manager, Information Technology

McNamara, Sandra Y. Business Advisor, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB
BA, MA, Universidad de Antioquia

Medeiros, Catherine M. Information Aide, Advising & Counseling
AS, Becker College Leicester

Medeiros, Raymond M. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Medici, Rayna N. Network Technician III, Information Technology
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Melvin, Gianna M. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Menard, Alyssa A. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Messina, Lauren E. Technical Staff Assistant, Nursing-ADN
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Rhode Island College

Micks, Julia C. Technical Staff Assistant, English
AS, Springfield Tech Cmty College;
BS, Ithaca College;
MS, Rhode Island College

Millard, Diane C. Interim Executive Assistant, VP for Academic Affairs Office
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Millard, Robert R. Campus Police Officer, College Police
BA, Rhode Island College

Miller, Benjamin G. Adult Education Facilitator, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
BA, Lambuth University

Milligan, Terri-Ann Asst Director Human Resources, Human Resources
BS, Southern NH University

Mills, Jetzabel Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BA, Rhode Island College;
MS, Johnson & Wales University

Minn, Lisa Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Miranda-Avalos, Jasmine Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Mirrer, Franklin E. Medical Advisor, Student Affairs/Student Health

Mitchner, Ryan J. Director WF Dev Prog Delivery, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BS, Morgan State University;
MBA, Univ Rhode Island

Mitri, Jennifer J. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Mo, Ivy J. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Moni Pina, Javier E. Information Technologist, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Moniz, Jason J. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, MA, Rhode Island College

Moore, Kathi A. Technical Staff Assistant, Advising & Counseling
AA, AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Moquin, Tekla E. Executive Director, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BA, Salve Regina University;
MBA, Univ Phoenix

Morales, Helen M. Program Manager, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB

Morash, Donald G. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Morash, Emily M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Moreau, Adam P. Admissions Officer, Admissions
BA, Newbury College;
MS, Bay Path College

Moreau, Cheryl A. DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Moreau, Laura A. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Moreau, Nancy A. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center

Morin, Jennifer A. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Morra, Mary C. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center

Morrissey, Kelly A. Director Financial Aid, Enrollment Services
BBA, Anna Maria College;
MBA, Fitchburg St University

Morrone, Louis J. Primary Instructor EB, Workforce Partnerships

Morse, Cynthia M. Admin Support - ECE, Human Services

Moses, Susan C. Admin Support - ECE, Human Services

Mullen, Kevin J. Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness
BS, Univ Mass Amherst*

Murphy, Kerry A. Technical Staff Assistant, Biology
BA, Rhode Island College

Murray, John J. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Musard, Brian P. Information Services Tech I, Nursing-ADN

Nacci, Lori M. Senior Word Processing Typist, Office Services

Nagel, Lauren A. Information Services Tech II, Psychology
BA, BA, Univ Rhode Island;
MS, Coll St Rose

Nascimento, Nathalie Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BSBA, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Nash, Jaime R. Executive Director, Workforce Partnerships
BSBA, Univ Rhode Island;
MS, Capella University

Nauman, Barbara J. Interim Dean BSTM, Dean-Busn/Science/Tech/Math
BA, Mass College Liberal Arts;
MBA, Johnson & Wales University

Nelligan, Jennifer K. Office Manager, VP for Academic Affairs Office

Neubauer, Elizabeth M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Nevadonski, Laura A. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Neves, Patricia Governance Facilitator, Human Resources

Newbold, Deirdre C. Director WF Dev Prog Support, Workforce Partnerships
BA, Susquehanna University;
MBA, Villanova University

Newman, Michael A. Plumbing Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

NFOR, Lawrence L. Asst Director, Institutional Advancement
AS, Mount Wachusett Cmty College;
BA, Unv. of Buea;
BS, Amherst College;
MBA, Fitchburg St University

Nicholson, Michael F. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant

Nippo, George R. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Nolan, Sandra A. Director Concurrent Enrollment, Dean-Busn/Science/Tech/Math
BS, BS, Iowa State University;
EDM, Providence College

Norberg, Eric M. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Notarpippo, Terry A. Information Services Tech II, Library

Novas, Joel H. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Novell, Kevin M. TRIO Technical Support Spec, EOC
BA, Brown University

Novick, Paul M. Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BA, Univ Virginia;
MED, Harvard University

Nunez, Luz A. Program Director, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach
BA, Providence College

Nunez, Manny A. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

O'Connor, Barry J. Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BA, BA, MPA, Univ Rhode Island

O'Neill Kane, Joanne Senior Enrollment Services Rep, Enrollment Services

OConnor, Megan Academic Coach, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach

Octeau, Michael T. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Ogden, Alix R. Assoc VP Administration, Associate VP - Administration
BA, Trinity College Ct;
MPA, Univ Washington;
JD, Roger Williams University

Ogrodnik, Ellen C. Information Services Tech I, Human Services
BS, Rhode Island College

Ok, Melanie Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
BA, BS, Univ Rhode Island

Oliver, Colleen R. Office Manager, Enrollment Services

Orlandi, Michael Records Assistant, Enrollment Services

Owaid, Burkan I. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Pacheco, Brenda E. Student Life Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Pacheco, William M. Building Systems Technician, Physical Plant

Paglia, Rebecca L. Executive Assistant, Workforce Partnerships
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Palany-Genga, Shanthi K. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Palmieri, William P. Building & Grounds Officer, Physical Plant

Palombo, Anthony J. DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Pandey, Pawan K. Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Paniccia, Rebecca L. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Papagolos, Maureen Senior Word Processing Typist, Busn & Professional Studies
BSW, MSW, Rhode Island College

Parent, Elizabeth J. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, Univ Mass Boston;
MA, CAGS, Rhode Island College

Parente, Michael P. Public Relations Officer, Marketing & Communications
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Parks, Elizabeth M. Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BA, Franklin Marshall College

Parr, Wendy J. Asst Administrative Officer, Advising & Counseling
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Parra, Rebecca L. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Parrillo, Mary E. Program Director Workforce, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BS, Providence College

Patch, Donna M. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center

Paul, Adam J. Manager, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Paulino, Dorca M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Pearson, Kate M. HSTP Staff 42, Dean-Health & Rehab Science

Peckham, Beth L. Lead Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
AS, Cmty Coll Rhode Island Knight

Peckham-Bell, Brendalee Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing & Communications
BFA, Univ Mass Dartmouth

Peixoto, Geraldine M. Coordinator Student Affairs, VP for Student Affairs Office
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Univ Rhode Island

Pelchat, Michelle L. Examiner, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Pelski, Charlene D. Technical Support Spec II, Computer Studies
AAS, Community C Rhode Island

Penagos-Chinchilla, Iblin Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BS, MS, Nova Southeastern Univ

Perry, Joyce A. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Bryant University;
MBA, Johnson & Wales University

Persaud, Daneshwar IT Support, Information Technology
BS, Southrn Connecticut State Univ

Pescatello, Jude EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Peters, Jodi L. Technical Staff Assistant, Nursing-ADN
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Petit, Karen M. Coordinator Writing Center, English
BA, MA, PHD, Univ Rhode Island

Pfeiler, Joseph W. Simulation Technician, Simulation Lab
AAS, ASB, Community C Rhode Island

Phelan, Elizabeth G. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Phillips, Christopher W. Heavy Motor Equipment Operator, Physical Plant

Picard-Tessier, Cathy L. Director Records, Enrollment Services
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Rhode Island College;
MA, Univ Rhode Island

Piccirilli, Jason M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BA, Connecticut College;
MA.ED, Univ Phoenix

Plante, James DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Plante, Paul W. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant
AS, New England Institute Tech RI

Plante, Ronald R. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Plunkett-Soscia, Marilynne A. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center
BS, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Ponder, Daniel N. Primary Instructor EB, Workforce Partnerships

Poole, Laura A. Tutor, Student Success Center

Popolla, Joanna Technical Staff Assistant, Dental Health/Hygiene

Potvin, Jean M. Senior Word Processing Typist, Human Services
AS, Bryant University

Poulin, Timothy J. Captain, College Police
AA, BA, MS, Salve Regina University

Pratt, Judith A. Medical Advisor, Dental Health/Dental Assist

Procaccini, Thomas A. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BA, Univ Rhode Island;
MED, Providence College

Quaedvlieg, Michele M. Executive Assistant, Library

Raimondo, Thomas J. Medical Advisor, Allied Health/Respiratory Ther

Raitano, Amanda L. Adult Education 34, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy

Ramirez, Jennifer S. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Rathier, Roger A. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Rawlinson, David J. Controller, Controller's Office
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Bryant University;
MPAC, Rhode Island College

Raygada, Rosemary C. Admin Support - ECE, Human Services

Rayta, Bonnie J. Tutor, Access to Opportunity
BS, Rhode Island College;
MS, Univ Rhode Island

Reardon, Patty A. Academic Coach/Counselor, Student Success Center

Recinos, Lazaro A. Senior Janitor, Physical Plant

Reedy, James W. Maintenance Superintendent, Physical Plant

Regan, William M. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Reggio, Jane C. Adult Education Facilitator, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
MS, Univ Southern California

Remy, Johnson Interim Coordinator/Counselor, ETS
BA, Bridgewater St University

Restrepo, Jennifer C. Information Aide, Advising & Counseling
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Reyes, Joshua J. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Reyes Rivera, Wanda E. Interpreter, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Reynolds, Justin P. Principal Janitor, Physical Plant

Reynoso, Julia C. Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Rhoads, Rebecca F. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Ricci, Anthony F. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed
BS, Rhode Island College;
MBA, Johnson & Wales University

Ridge, Alicia E. WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Ridley, Robert M. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Rivera, Edrix F. EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Roberts, Kenneth W. Business Advisor, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB
BA, Univ Pennsylvania Undrgrd Adm*

Robertson, John S. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant

Robichaud, Lisa J. Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BA, MED, Rhode Island College;
BS, Roger Williams University

Robinson, James W. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Rodas, Brenda M. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Rodriguez, Elias P. Laborer, Physical Plant

Rodriguez, Franco Y. Lab Assistant, Rehab Health/Occup Therapy

Rodriguez, Janine Staff Assistant II, EOC
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Rogall, David EB Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Rogovin, Michael J. Counselor/Advisor, Advising & Counseling
BA, Bridgewater St University

Rojas Saldana, Ilhiana WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Rooney, Lisa J. Admissions Officer, Admissions
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Rooney, Steven M. Asst Director, Athletics
BS, Northestrn University;
MS, Ohio Univ Chillicothe

Rosado, Maria E. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Human Resources
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Rhode Island College

Rosario, Christina Staff Assistant II, ETS

Rose, Pat A. Site Supervisor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Rosenblum, Erica K. Coordinator CTE, Dean-Busn/Science/Tech/Math
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Rossi, Kevin T. Academic Coach/Counselor, Student Success Center
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Rhode Island College

Rouleau, Stacy L. Workforce Recruitment, Workforce Partnerships

Russell, Dell M. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Russo, Elizabeth M. Director Outreach & Alumni, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB
BA, St Anselm College;
MPA, Univ Rhode Island

Russo, James T. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office

Ryan, Lori A. Program Director, Human Services
AS, Bristol Cmty College;
BSBA, MA.ED, Univ Rhode Island

Ryder, Thanly T. Asst Purchasing Officer, Purchasing

Rylander, Paul B. Assistant Controller, Controller's Office
BS, Univ Rhode Island;
JD, Rutgers U Rutgers College*

Safford, Jack K. Campus Police Officer, College Police
AA, AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Roger Williams University

Saladin, Richard C. Lead Information Technologist, Information Technology
AS, Quinsigamond Cmty College

Salisbury, Kevin S. Interim Director Athletics, Athletics
BS, MS, Univ Rhode Island

Sanders, Tifany S. Asst Director Career Placement, Wrkfc Part/Career Services
AS, BS, Johnson & Wales University;
MS, Univ Bridgeport

Santanelli, Tina M. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office

Santos, Robert A. Heavy Motor Equipment Operator, Physical Plant

Santos, Samantha J. Academic Coach/Counselor, Student Success Center

Sarkisian, Lynda M. Bookstore Clerk, Bookstore

Saunders, Michelle WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Sayaf, Ghassan Z. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BS, ME, Univ Rhode Island

Scallon, Karen M. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Scattone, Donna L. Information Services Tech II, Computer Studies
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Schultheis, Daniel J. Tutor, Student Success Center

Seebeck, John S. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Sepe, Arthur J. Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
MA, CAGS, Rhode Island College

Serpa, Christine T. Proctor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Serpa, Valerie J. Clerical, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Shaw, Donna W. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Sheridan, Courtney L. Coordinator Social Media, Marketing & Communications
BS, Univ Rhode Island;

Sheriff, Esmeal WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Sherman, Enoch R. EB Teacher Assistant, Workforce Partnerships

Shields, John M. Campus Police Officer, College Police
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Bryant University;
MAT, Johnson & Wales University

Sical, Ivone Clerical Finance, Information Technology

Sidney, Gail S. Coordinator/Counselor, Access to Opportunity
BA, Clark University;
MA, New York University

Siedliski, Sharon A. Asst Director Career Couns, Wrkfc Part/Career Services
BS, Rutgers U Rutgers College*;
MS, Univ Rhode Island

Silva-Viera, Rayna A. Technical Staff Assistant, Allied Health/Med Lab Tech
BA, Rhode Island College;
MS, Clemson University

Silverman, Steven M. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Simas, Joseph E. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Simas, Maryellen C. Simulation Technician, Simulation Lab
BS, Univ Rhode Island;
MPH, MS, Mass Coll Pharm Allied Hlt Sci

Simko, Ryan M. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Simon, Stephanie C. Lead Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
BA, BA, Univ Rhode Island

Simpanen, Mark B. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Sinclair, Kristen M. Bookstore Clerk, Bookstore

Skouras, Thomas J. Coordinator, Student Success Center
BS, Univ Texas Austin*;
MA, Rhode Island College;
EDD, Johnson & Wales University

Smith, Dolores F. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Smith, Randy J. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Smith, Stephen J. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships
BME, Univ Rhode Island

Snow, David A. Assoc Director Physical Plant, Physical Plant
BA, Gordon College Ma

Sousa, Stephen E. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Souza, Karen Information Services Tech I, Dental Health/Hygiene

Souza, Lynda M. Information Services Tech II, Physical Plant

Spirito, Toni L. Coordinator Rehab Health, Rehab Health/Physical Therapy
AAS, Community C Rhode Island

Spriggs, Amir Site Supervisor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Spruill, Cynthia G. Coordinator/Counselor, Access to Opportunity
BA, MS, Univ Rhode Island

St. Clair, Shelby E. Conduct & Civility Asst, Dean of Students Office

Stedman, Jennifer M. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Stevens, Nicholas R. Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Stonehouse, Annamarie L. Bookstore Clerk, Bookstore

Stulpin, Cynthia L. Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center
BA, BS, Univ Hartford;
MS, Trinity College Ct

Sugalski, Alex B. Information Services Tech II, Rehabilitative Health
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Sullivan, Stacy K. Work Based Learning Manager, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BA, Skidmore College

Suwityarat, Timothy D. IT Support, Information Technology

Sweet, Ann M. Senior Teller, Bursar's Office

Swiszcz, Christina J. Information Services Tech II, Library
BS, Roger Williams University

Sylva, Marcia Coordinator/Counselor, EOC
BS, State Univ of Rio de Janeiro;
MED, Rhode Island College

Talbot, William R. Director TRIO ETS, ETS
BS, MBA, Univ Mass Dartmouth

Taveras, Juan C. Assistant Coordinator EOC, EOC
BA, Univ Rhode Island;
MA, Coll St Rose

Taylor, Lux M. DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Taylor, Stacie L. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Teixeira, Sean D. IT Consultant, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Thatcher, Lucille A. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Thayer, Matthew E. WP Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Thomson, James A. Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev
BA, Univ Mass Amherst*

Thornber, Lee C. Senior Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant
AA, Univ Phoenix

Timmerman, Zachary W. Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
BA, Florida State University

Toler, James S. Campus Police Officer, College Police
AS, Roger Williams University

Tomasino, Jude A. Assoc Director Records/Trans, Enrollment Services
BSBA, Nichols College;
MA, Framingham State College;
MED, Cambridge College;
CAGS, Johnson Wales University

Torres, Barbara WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Torres, Jose A. Housekeeper, Physical Plant

Torres, Marlex Enrollment Serv Representative, Financial Aid
BS, Univ Puerto Rico Carolina;
MBA, Johnson & Wales University

Turchetti, John C. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Turco, Kevin M. EMT Trainer, Fire Science

Turcotte, Susan M. Assistant Controller, Bursar's Office
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BSBA, Bryant University

Turner, Gregory D. Semi-Skilled Laborer, Physical Plant

Urbaez, Rafael B. DWI Counselor, Workforce Partnerships

Urizar, Yenifer M. Coordinator/Counselor, ETS

Vacca, Andrea L. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services
BS, Univ Rhode Island

Valente, Billie Jane Counselor Student Development, Advising & Counseling
BS, Univ Southern Maine;
MA, Fairfield University

Vargas, Carmen V. Senior Word Processing Typist, Chemistry

Vessella, Anthony F. Building Systems Technician, Physical Plant
AS, New England Institute Tech RI

Vicente, Sharyn M. Information Services Tech II, Psychology
BA, Rhode Island College

Vigorito, Janet H. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services

Villanueva, Lolita L. Information Services Tech II, Social Sciences
AS, Community C Rhode Island

Vincent, Kandra L. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Vincent, Linda A. Senior Information Tech, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Vota, John D. Senior Information Tech, Information Technology
AS, BS, New England Institute Tech RI

Wahl, Sheila L. Assistant Director, Human Resources
BA, Univ Rhode Island;
JD, Univ Connecticut

Waldron, Phillip W. Tutor, Access to Opportunity

Walker, Michelle C. Enrollment Serv Representative, Enrollment Services

Walker, Ron A. Lead Programmer Analyst, Information Technology
AA, Community C Rhode Island

Ward, Kim M. Technical Staff Assistant, Biology

Ward, Suzette B. Director Enterprise Services, Information Technology
BA, Salve Regina University

Warner, Heidi J. Coordinator Nursing Labs, Nursing-ADN
AS, Community C Rhode Island;
BA, Rhode Island College

Warrington, Kimberly L. Coach, Athletics

Watson, Deborah K. Assoc Director Enrollment Serv, Admissions
BS, Florida State University;
MA.ED, Univ Rhode Island

Webb, Lauren A. Administrator (interim), VP for Academic Affairs Office
BA, Drew University;
MA, PHD, Northestrn University

Weber, William D. Tutor, Student Success Center

Webster, Charles A. Adjunct Faculty, Workforce Partnerships
BS, Warren Nat'l University

Weiss, Christopher E. Chief Accountant, Accounts Payable
AS, BS, Johnson & Wales University

Wells, Shanna Coordinator Comm & Social Res, Ofc of Opportunity & Outreach
BA, Lyndon State College;
MED, Temple University

Wesiah, Deborah DWI Counselor, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

White, Deloise A. Staff Assistant II, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed
AS, Community C Rhode Island

White, Paul L. Campus Police Officer, College Police

Wilcox, Glenn E. WP Instructor, Wrkfc Part/Workforce Dev

Wilkie, Jessica L. Director Guided Pathways, VP for Academic Affairs Office
BA, Nazareth College Of Rochester;
MA, Univ Buffalo

Wilkins, Tira J. Lab Monitor, Information Technology

Williams, Joshua D. Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness
BS, Univ North Texas

Williams, Leslie L. Examiner, Wrkfc Part/Transportation Ed

Williams Ascott, Tatianna R. Campus Coordinator, Student Success Center
BA, Bryant University;
MA, Rhode Island College

Wood, Karina H. Executive Director, Pres Of-Goldman Sachs Fd 10KSB
BA, University of Sheffield;
MA, Clark University

Woolery, Marie O. CNA Instructor, Workforce Partnerships

Yanku, Gail Information Services Tech II, English

Yount, Rebecca H. Assoc Dean Stud Life&Srv Learn, Dean of Students Office
BS, MA, West Virginia Univ Morgantown;
EDD, Boston University

Zervas, Amy Assistant Coordinator, Student Success Center

Zhu, Li Coordinator, Wrkfc Part/Adult Ed & Literacy
EDM, Rhode Island College;
MS, Johnson & Wales University

Ziegelmayer, Kevin J. Campus Police Lieutenant, College Police
AA, Community C Rhode Island;
BS, Kaplan University;
MS, Boston University

Zielinski, Deborah M. Assistant to the President, President's Office
AS, Johnson & Wales University

Zinn, Sherry J. Technical Support Spec II, Information Technology
AS, York College Pa;
BIS, PSM, Univ Rhode Island

Zoglio, Jeffrey C. EB Teacher Assistant, Workforce Partnerships

Zuchowski, Lila K. EMT Trainer, Fire Science