Student Success

Student Success Centers

The Student Success Centers provide academic assistance through tutoring services, coordinate information and referrals to college resources, seek ways to improve student satisfaction and retention, and assist students to achieve their goals. Tutors help students learn course content and Academic Coaches help students understand their individual learning needs, develop better study habits and behaviors, and create plans to achieve their goals. 

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Student being tutoredAn essential part of success at any college is the amount of time and effort you put into preparing for your weekly lectures and exams. The Student Success Centers can help you learn how to use your course materials more effectively, integrate online study materials, explore strategies on how to take notes and prepare for exams. Learn how, when and where to study and to better manage your time. Ask for help EARLY in the semester. You do not have to be failing a course to meet with a tutor or academic coach.

CCRI’s Tutoring Program features professional tutors and peer tutors who have been recommended by CCRI faculty to provide tutoring for their courses. Tutoring is an opportunity for you to ask questions and review course concepts. Our tutors provide online and on-campus tutoring appointments throughout the day and evening. CCRI tutors collaborate with CCRI faculty to create unique tutoring services such as classroom and laboratory tutoring and pre-semester seminars for subject-specific study strategies. CCRI’s Tutoring Program is certified by the College Reading and Learning AssociationIt is easy to connect to a CCRI tutor by signing into Starfish and clicking on the “Courses” link to display your current classes. If a tutor is available for your course, a Student Success Center information box will display with a link to tutor schedules. 

Academic Coaching is a personalized student-coach partnership with appointments tailored to your needs. Meetings may include discussing organization and time management skills, textbook-reading techniques, note-taking tips, and test-taking strategies. Our academic coaches provide online and on-campus tutoring appointments throughout the day and evening as one-time appointments or a series of consultations throughout the semester.  It is easy to connect to an academic coach by signing into Starfish and visiting your “My Success Network” page. Locate the Academic Coaching block and click on “Schedule”. 

There is no charge to receive tutoring or academic coaching. Please send an email to for more information about our tutoring and academic coaching services or visit to view our department web page that includes brief video instructions on how to schedule appointments through Starfish.