CCRI Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

The CCRI Financial Aid Consortium Agreement may be used by students receiving financial aid who are enrolled in a degree-granting program at CCRI and want to enroll at another institution at the same time and have the external college credits counted toward their enrollment status to determine financial aid eligibility. This also may apply for summer enrollment and/or Study Abroad.

Only courses that are required for the student’s current program of study may be included in a Consortium Agreement.

Financial aid can be received at only one institution per semester/term. To have a student’s financial aid applied for classes taken at another school, each semester the student must complete a consortium agreement and proof of enrollment at the “host” institution. The consortium form must be returned to the CCRI Financial Aid office.

Tuition payment arrangements must be made with the “host” school. Financial aid funds paid by CCRI for consortium classes may not be available until four weeks after the start of the Community College of Rhode Island’s semester.

At the end of the semester/term, the student must request that an academic transcript for classes taken at the “host” school be sent to CCRI. These transcripts must be received before additional financial aid can be applied or disbursed at CCRI. Failure to submit academic transcripts to demonstrate completion of consortium credits may result in the reduction/recalculation of student aid eligibility for the term.

CCRI Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress apply for classes at “host” schools through a consortium agreement.

The consortium agreement must be completed and approved within 30 days from the first day of classes for the current term at CCRI.