Honors Program

The Honors Program reflects the college’s commitment to academic excellence. By creating learning communities and by strengthening the opportunities for intellectual dialogue, the Honors Program enhances the educational experience at CCRI.

Students can earn honors credits through supplementary projects within existing course sections and specially designated “honors” courses.  Each honors project must be sponsored by an instructor. Students may take a maximum of two honors projects in any one semester.

To be eligible for the Honors Program, students must have completed at least 12 semester hours and earned at least a 3.25 grade point average.

Participation in the Honors Program provides students an opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills. Students and faculty work together as “colleagues in learning” – a cooperative spirit that reflects the fundamental purpose of the academic community. In addition, the student’s official transcript will reflect all honors credits. These unique designations on the transcripts not only promote transfer to four-year institutions, but also can lend an advantage with regard to competitive status in the workplace. An extra half credit is available for honors projects integrated into existing course sections. Students who complete four honors projects or more at CCRI will receive special recognition at the graduation ceremony.

For more information, email Lynne Andreozzi-Fontaine, Ph.D., at landreozzifont@ccri.edu or Karen Kortz, Ph.D., at kkortz@ccri.edu.