Student Schedules

Semester Schedules

The academic calendar for each semester/term can be found on the online college calendar page. 

Course Load

To be considered enrolled full time, students must register for at least 12 credits. Any student who is registered for fewer than 12 credits is considered a part-time student and is billed accordingly. Consult the Advising Center to make sure you do not need to take more than 12 credits per semester: or 401-825-1240 or text 401 308 3537.

Adding a Course

Using MyCCRI, students may add available courses to their schedule without permission of the instructor during the published add period found on the online college calendar

Dropping a Course

Students may drop a course from their schedule without permission of the instructor during the published drop period found on the online college calendar. While permission to drop is not required, we strongly encourage each student to consult with the instructor, or in the case of those students who withdraw from the college, to speak with the Advising Center. Students must use the online MyCCRI system to officially drop a course.

Courses officially dropped prior to the end of the official published drop period are not graded and do not appear on the college transcript. Courses officially dropped during weeks two through 10 are graded with a W (official withdrawal) and appear as such on the transcript. Official withdrawal from a course is not permitted after week 10 or two-thirds the length of the course. Modular courses may be officially dropped and/or graded with a W depending on each course’s official drop period. Consult the Office of Enrollment Services regarding modular course official drop periods: or 401-825-2003.

If students decide to drop a course that constitutes only a part of their schedule (leaving other courses of study in their schedule), they should follow the official drop procedure as noted above. Students will be subject to the prorated fees and rules as specified.

Capacity Override

Students may register online for classes only if there are seats available. If a course section is at capacity, faculty will have the option to assign the student a capacity override. Students issued a capacity override will receive a MyCCRI email notification with registration instructions. Students must register themselves using MyCCRI.

Course Cancellation Policy

Courses that do not meet minimum enrollment standards will be canceled prior to the start of each semester. Any student affected by a cancellation will be notified via campus email prior to the first meeting. Registration for another section may be done online. Refunds due to course cancellations are made in full.

Course Credit Policy

This policy governs all CCRI credit-bearing courses.

For each credit hour, academic lecture courses will include one contact hour (50 minutes) involving direct faculty instruction (or its equivalent online) and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class work per week over a 15-week period. One credit hour will be awarded for laboratory and field/clinical courses which meet from 120 to 180 minutes per week over a 15-week period. The amount of time assigned to laboratory and field/clinical courses is determined by a consideration of the transfer of theory to practice. For courses meeting in shorter timeframes, comparable equivalencies of contact time and out-of-class work are established.

This means, for example, that students in a 15-week, three-credit lecture course will meet with the instructor for 150 minutes (3 credits x 50 minutes) per week and will be responsible for an additional six hours (3 credits x 2 hours) of out-of-class work/homework per week. Courses with a laboratory of field/clinical component will meet an additional two to three hours of laboratory of field/clinical experience each week, per credit.

Waiving Course Prerequisites

Department chairs may waive course prerequisites online through the first week of classes. Students must register themselves through MyCCRI during the published add period.

Permission of Instructor

Where “permission of instructor” is indicated in the course description of the catalog, instructors may assign an electronic override after the published add period. Students must register themselves through MyCCRI.

Repeating a Course

When a student retakes a course for any reason, only the highest grade earned will be figured into the cumulative grade index. However, all the grades received for the course will appear on the student’s transcript. The recomputation of the highest grade earned in the cumulative index is automatic. This change must be made before the degree or certificate program is completed. Please note that repeating classes will affect a student’s financial aid eligibility.

Withdrawal from College

If a student drops all courses (or a course that is the only one for which they are registered) after the add/drop period, the student is considered to be withdrawing from the College for that term. A grade of W will be assigned to the withdrawn course(s). This is included in attempted credits but not in the grade point index. 

Students can withdraw from one or up to all courses online through MyCCRI in College Scheduler (see Withdrawal Information for instructions). Students may access the Complete Withdrawal Form if there are specific circumstances that prevent withdrawing from courses online, through emailing for assistance. 

Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence are issued only for Health Sciences programs. Students may request a leave from their program of study by completing a Leave of Absence form available from the department chair of their program. The leave of absence does not officially withdraw the student from the College. Students must complete an official withdrawal form through the Advising Center. If a Leave of Absence form is not filed, students may not be readmitted to their program upon returning to CCRI. Students whose leave forms are signed by the department chair may be granted a leave of up to two consecutive semesters.

Students who find it necessary to leave CCRI and who are enrolled in programs other than a Health Sciences program do not need to fill out a Leave of Absence form. They must, however, officially withdraw from the college.


Regular class attendance is an essential part of student success in community college life. When the number of absences becomes excessive, the privilege of continuing in the course is jeopardized. Students are responsible for making up all academic work missed for any reason.

Verification of Enrollment

Title IV eligible institutions are required to verify student enrollment. All faculty members are required to complete verification of enrollment per the dates in the college calendar. The verification of enrollment is used to verify that students are enrolled and academically engaged.  Students who are not demonstrating academic engagement will be reported as a “no-show.”

Students marked as a “no show” will be sent an email notification that they have been dropped from the course. In cases where a student believes he or she was erroneously marked as a “no-show,” a request can be made for re-admittance. The instructor will have the option of assigning an electronic permission code which will allow registration back into the class.


Individuals may audit lecture courses. This means that students may attend and participate in classes but choose to receive no grade or credits. To register as an auditor, students should follow the in-person registration procedures, indicating at that time the desire to audit. Auditors pay tuition and fees. Financial aid does not cover audits.