Africana Studies (AAAF)

AAAF 1201  - Introduction to African-American Studies  
(3 Credits)  
This course is an exploration of themes and issues in the study of peoples of African descent. This class involves a broad survey and critique of the foundational and contemporary themes within the discipline of Africana studies. An emphasis will remain on informational literacy, critical thinking, and the utilization of African epistemologies.

Lecture: 3 hours
Course completes the following requirements:
Gen.Ed. Ability 2B
Gen.Ed. Ability 4A
Social Sciences Requirement
URI/RIC Transfer General Education Transfer Opportunity: Yes  
AAAF 1202  - Introduction to African-American Culture  
(3 Credits)  
This course is a survey of the social origins of African-American culture. In this course, students will research and identify various Africanisms that emerged during the colonial period. Students will analyze multimedia sources to differentiate between the imposed identities of Africans in America perception and authentic identities.

Lecture: 3 hours
Prerequisite(s): AAAF 1201