Surgical Technician (SURG)

SURG 1010  - Foundations of Surgical Technology  
(6 Credits)  
This course will introduce students to the practice of surgical technology and the skills necessary to function in the role of a surgical technologist. Students will learn about the operating room environment, as well as the different professional roles, communication techniques and ethical responsibilities of a surgical technologist. The class will introduce theory, a historical perspective of perioperative services, medical terminology and basic surgical instrumentation.

Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 9 hours, Other: 0 hours
Prerequisite(s): BIOL 2201 (may be taken concurrently)
SURG 1020  - Principles of Surgical Technology  
(6 Credits)  
In this course, surgical pharmacology and anesthesia will be introduced including dosing and handling of local anesthetics at the sterile field. Students will be introduced to the handling, decontamination and sterilization processes of surgical instrumentation. Surgical wound exposure, wound healing and surgical wound closures will be discussed. Medical legal aspects of perioperative practice in relation to patients' rights including the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA), informed consent and Universal Precautions will be included.

Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 9 hours, Other: 0 hours
Prerequisite(s): SURG 1010
SURG 2010  - Surgical Instrumentation  
(6 Credits)  
Students will implement appropriate surgical instruments related to the various types of surgical procedures. The student will be introduced to specific patient populations and the methods of caring for these patients. Included is discussion on the different methods of hemostasis. In addition, the student will learn post operative complications as they relate to the surgical patient. We will explore the different types of lasers, the proper use and handling to ensure safety when using lasers in the operating room. Surgical procedures will be introduced to prepare the student for the clinical rotation which will begin during this semester.

Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 6 hours, Other: 16 hours
Prerequisite(s): SURG 1020
SURG 2020  - Surgical Procedures  
(6 Credits)  
There will be a focus on specialty surgical procedures and the necessary instrumentation associated with these specialties. This course will also introduce future surgical technologists to the organizations that promote the advancement of the profession and offer students the tools needed to be successful in the workforce. In addition, discussion will explore the different employment opportunities and how to prepare for a career as a surgical technologist.

Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 3 hours, Other: 24 hours
Prerequisite(s): SURG 2010