Dental Assisting/Hygiene (DENT)

DENT 1000  - Introduction to Dental Health Careers  
(2 Credits)  
This course provides an introduction to dental assisting and dental hygiene fields. Students gain an understanding of both professions, how to achieve success in dental assisting and dental hygiene programs and basic dental terminology. This course is a prerequisite for entering the dental hygiene program and optional for the dental assisting program.

Lecture: 2 hours
DENT 2010  - Oral Radiography  
(4 Credits)  
This is a foundation course for dental radiographers. Topics include fundamentals of radiation physics, generation and control of the radiation beam, basic radiation biology and methods of population protection, films and film processing, radiographic projection and basic radiographic anatomy and pathology. Supervised laboratory practice includes exposure, evaluation and interpretation of intraoral and panoramic radiographs.

Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 2 hours
DENT 2220  - Dental Materials Lab for Dental Hygienists  
(4 Credits)  
This hybrid course has an online didactic component with hands-on laboratory experience for the dental hygiene student to learn and practice techniques that are performed in dental hygiene practice.

Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 4 hours
DENT 2225  - Dental Materials Lab for Dental Assistants  
(2 Credits)  
This lab provides hands-on experience for dental assisting students to develop skills in the preparation and manipulation of materials commonly used in dental practice.

Lab: 4 hours
Prerequisite(s): DAST 1225 (may be taken concurrently)