INTC - Health Care Interpreter (INTC)

INTC 1300  - Health Care Interpreter I  
(7 Credits)  
This course prepares students who are bilingual to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary for effective language interpretation in health care settings. Emphasis includes the roles and responsibilities of a health care interpreter, basic knowledge of common medical conditions, treatments and procedures, insight in language and cultural nuances for specific communities necessary in the art of interpretation. Field work experiences will provide opportunities for students to observe a competent health care interpreter.

Lecture: 6 hours, Other: 3 hours
Prerequisite(s): RHAB 1010 (may be taken concurrently)
INTC 1310  - Interpreting in Health Care II  
(8 Credits)  
This course prepares individuals who are bilingual to become integral members of the health care team by bridging the language and cultural gap between clients and providers; this is a critical aspect of health care. Interpreting skills learned in INTC 1300 are further enhanced, covering specialized health care service areas such as genetics, mental health, and death and dying. Emphasis is also placed on the development of cultural competency in the community and workplace, and careers in interpretation. Field work experience is included to enable students the opportunity to demonstrate application of knowledge and technical interpreting skills to facilitate linguistic and cultural communication between client and health care providers.

Lecture: 6 hours, Other: 6 hours
Prerequisite(s): RHAB 1010