Engineering Technology (ENGT)

ENGT 1060  - AutoCAD (Basic)  
(2 Credits)  
This course develops the fundamental skills in drawing, presenting and interpreting ideas, shapes, and concepts using the graphic language of AutoCAD. This course provides practice in the use of Computer Aided Drafting, a technology that has impacted the way many products are designed and produced. Students will explore all the necessary commands needed to produce orthographic drawings and construction type drawings using micro-computers.

Lecture: 1 hour, Lab: 2 hours
ENGT 2090  - Advanced Solid Modeling  
(3 Credits)  
Advanced Solid Modeling will enable the student to work with advanced designs and assemblies. This will include mold design, sheet metal design, weldments, and industry specific design tools. The students will learn to use COSMOSWorks to study deflections and load stress on their designs. Other applications would include rendering in PhotoWorks and animation techniques.

Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 2 hours
Prerequisite(s): ENGR 1030