Courses Approved for General Education Credits

The following courses have been approved for meeting general education credits within the listed disciplines.

Humanities (HUMN)

Humanities courses present knowledge concerned with humanity and world culture: philosophy, literature, language study and the fine arts. The fine arts include music, theater and visual arts. The following are accepted general education humanities courses: 

ARTS 1001Introduction to Visual Arts3
ARTS 1010Drawing I3
ARTS 1020Color3
ARTS 1050Drawing II Life Drawing3
ARTS 1310Two-Dimensional Design3
ARTS 1410Three-Dimensional Design3
ARTS 1510Art History: Ancient to Medieval3
ARTS 1520Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
ARTS 1530Art History: Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas3
ARTS 1610Textile Design/Fibers3
ARTS 1630Introduction to Sculpture and Form3
ARTS 1650Ceramics I3
ARTS 1660Ceramics II3
ARTS 1710Graphic Design I3
ARTS 1720Graphic Design II3
ARTS 1810Darkroom Photography I3
ARTS 2010Painting I3
ARTS 2020Painting II3
ARTS 2360Printmaking II3
ARTS 2660Ceramics III3
ARTS 2820Photography Portfolio3
ARTS 2850Digital Photography II3
ASLG 1010American Sign Language I3
ASLG 1020American Sign Language II3
ASLG 2010American Sign Language III3
ASLG 2020American Sign Language IV3
COMM 1010Communication Fundamentals3
COMM 1050Mass Media Foundations3
COMM 1100Public Speaking3
COMM 2050Media and Broadcast History3
ENGL 1005College Writing3
ENGL 1005ACollege Writing (ALP)3
ENGL 1010Composition I3
ENGL 1010AComposition I (ALP)3
ENGL 102019th Century American Literature3
ENGL 1040World Literature to 16th Century3
ENGL 1200Introduction to Literature3
ENGL 1210Introduction to Film3
ENGL 1220Introduction to Poetry3
ENGL 1230Modern Literature3
ENGL 1240Readings in the Novel3
ENGL 1250Readings in the Short Story3
ENGL 1260Readings in Shakespeare3
ENGL 1270Contemporary Drama3
ENGL 1280Dramatic Literature3
ENGL 1290African American Literature3
ENGL 1360Science Fiction3
ENGL 1370Literature of Imagination and Fantasy3
ENGL 1400Business Writing for Office Professionals3
ENGL 1410Business Writing3
ENGL 1430Creative Writing3
ENGL 2010Composition II3
ENGL 2015Advanced Writing for the Liberal Arts3
ENGL 202020th-Century American Literature3
ENGL 2040World Literature from 16th Century3
ENGL 2050Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism3
ENGL 2100Technical Writing3
ENGL 2200Children's Literature3
ENGL 2210Special Topics in Film3
ENGL 2230Contemporary Literature3
ENGL 2270Multicultural American Literature3
ENGL 2310Introduction to Screenwriting3
FREN 1010Elementary French I3
FREN 1020Elementary French II3
FREN 1030Elementary French I3
FREN 1040Elementary French II3
FREN 2010Intermediate French I3
FREN 2020Intermediate French II3
GERM 1010Elementary German I3
GERM 1020Elementary German II3
GERM 1030Elementary German I3
GERM 1040Elementary German II3
GERM 2010Intermediate German I3
GERM 2020Intermediate German II3
ITAL 1010Elementary Italian I3
ITAL 1020Elementary Italian II3
ITAL 1030Elementary Italian I3
ITAL 1040Elementary Italian II3
ITAL 1900The Italian Heritage3
ITAL 2010Intermediate Italian I3
ITAL 2020Intermediate Italian II3
ITAL 2210Italian Conversation and Composition I3
ITAL 2220Italian Conversation and Composition II3
MUSC 1010Foundations in Music3
MUSC 1050Music Before 17503
MUSC 1060Music After 17503
MUSC 1110Jazz History3
MUSC 1120The American Musical3
MUSC 1160Introduction to Music3
MUSC 1165History of Rock3
MUSC 1180Jazz Ensemble1
MUSC 1200Chamber Ensemble (Band)1
MUSC 1210Chorus1
MUSC 1220Chamber Singers1
MUSC 1700Music Theory I3
MUSC 1800Music Theory II3
MUSC 2700Music Theory III3
MUSC 2800Chromatic and Modern Music Theory IV3
PHIL 1010Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 2020Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 2030Ethics3
PHIL 2040Logic3
PORT 1010Elementary Portuguese I3
PORT 1020Elementary Portuguese II3
PORT 1030Elementary Portuguese I3
PORT 1040Elementary Portuguese II3
PORT 2010Intermediate Portuguese I3
PORT 2020Intermediate Portuguese II3
SPAN 1010Elementary Spanish I3
SPAN 1020Elementary Spanish II3
SPAN 1030Elementary Spanish I3
SPAN 1040Elementary Spanish II3
SPAN 1900Culture of Spanish-Speaking People3
SPAN 2010Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 2020Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 2210Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition I3
SPAN 2220Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition II3
THEA 1090Introduction to Theatre3
THEA 1130Origins of Theatre3

Mathematics and Science (MSCI)

These courses present systematized knowledge derived from observation, study and experimentation. The following are accepted general education mathematics and science courses:

ASTR 1010The Solar System4
ASTR 1020The Stellar System4
BIOL 1000Cell Biology for Technology4
BIOL 1001Introductory Biology: Organismal4
BIOL 1002Introductory Biology: Cellular4
BIOL 1005Biology in the Modern World4
BIOL 1006Introduction to Evolution3
BIOL 1007Explorations in Biology4
BIOL 1020Human Physiology4
BIOL 1050Humans and the Environment3
BIOL 1070Human Anatomy and Physiology3
BIOL 1200The Human in Health & Disease3
BIOL 2040Human Sexuality3
BIOL 2070Evolution: A History of Life on Earth3
BIOL 2090Genetics3
BIOL 2201Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIOL 2202Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIOL 2210Introductory Microbiology4
BIOL 2220Introduction to Pathophysiology3
BIOL 2480General Microbiology4
BIOL 2500Applications in Science and Math1
CHEM 1000Chemistry of Our Environment4
CHEM 1010Survey of Biomedical Chemistry5
CHEM 1030General Chemistry I5
CHEM 1060Chemistry of Hazardous Materials3
CHEM 1100General Chemistry II5
CHEM 2250Organic Chemistry I Lecture3
CHEM 2260Organic Chemistry II Lecture3
CHEM 2270Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM 2280Organic Chemistry II5
CHEM 2500Applications in Science and Math1
GEOL 1010Gen Geology I-Physical Geology4
GEOL 1020The Earth Through Time4
GEOL 1030Natural Disasters3
GEOL 1040Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)3
GEOL 1050Urban Geology4
MATH 1005Business Mathematics3
MATH 1015Mathematics of Finance3
MATH 1025Introduction to College Mathematics3
MATH 1139Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students3
MATH 1139CMathematics for Liberal Arts Students3
MATH 1145Development of the Number System3
MATH 1155History of Mathematics3
MATH 1175Statistics for the Health and Social Sciences3
MATH 1175CStatistics for the Health and Social Sciences3
MATH 1179Applied Technical Mathematics I3
MATH 1181Applied Technical Mathematics II3
MATH 1200College Algebra3
MATH 1200CCollege Algebra3
MATH 1220Scientific Programming3
MATH 1240Statistical Analysis I3
MATH 2077Quantitative Business Analysis I3
MATH 2103Applied Precalculus3
MATH 2110College Trigonometry3
MATH 2111Pre-Calculus Mathematics4
MATH 2131Applied Calculus3
MATH 2138Quantitative Business Analysis II3
MATH 2141Calculus I4
MATH 2142Calculus II4
MATH 2243Calculus III4
MATH 2362Advanced Engineering Mathematics4
OCEN 1010Introduction to Oceanography3
OCEN 1030Oceanography Laboratory1
PHYS 1000Conceptual Physics/Physical Science4
PHYS 1030General Physics I4
PHYS 1040General Physics II4
PHYS 1110Radiographic Physics4
PHYS 1150University Physics I3
PHYS 1151University Physics I Laboratory1
PHYS 2110Topics in Acoustics, Optics and Thermodynamics3
PHYS 2111Introduction to Acoustics and Optics Laboratory1
PHYS 2500Applications in Science and Math1

Social Sciences (SSCI)

Courses within the social sciences are concerned with the study of people and their behavior, both individually and as a member of groups, nations, cultures and societies. The following are accepted general education social sciences courses:

ECON 2030Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 2040Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEOG 1010Introduction to Geography3
HIST 1010Survey of Western Civilization I3
HIST 1020Survey of Western Civilization II3
HIST 1210History of the United States to 18773
HIST 1220History of the United States from 18773
HIST 2010Women in North American History, 1600-19003
HIST 2015Women in North American History, 1900 - Present3
HIST 2020Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIST 2035American Society and Culture in the Cold War, 1945-19913
HIST 2245History of Asian-Americans3
HIST 2250History of Black America3
HIST 2260A Survey of East Asian Civilization3
POLS 1000Introduction to Government and Politics3
POLS 1010American National Government3
POLS 1030State and Local Government3
POLS 2010International Relations3
POLS 2040American Political Parties3
POLS 2110Modern Political Ideologies3
PSYC 1030Psychology of Personal Adjustment3
PSYC 1050Psychology in the Workplace3
PSYC 1970Human Relations Seminar and Application3
PSYC 2010General Psychology4
PSYC 2020Social Psychology3
PSYC 2030Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 2050Behavior Modification3
PSYC 2070Educational Psychology3
PSYC 2090Adolescent Psychology3
PSYC 2100Theories of Personality3
PSYC 2110Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 2120Foundations of Psychological Research3
SOCS 1010General Sociology3
SOCS 2020Marriage and Family3
SOCS 2030Urban Sociology3
SOCS 2040Sociological Perspectives of Race and Ethnic Relations3
SOCS 2050Social Problems3
SOCS 2110Introduction to Anthropology3
SOCS 2300Criminology3